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Stellar seller! Item arrived super-fast; seller let me buy an old listing for some matching tights and threw in a pair of socks! Thank you so much! <3
- niftynif (Buyer)
Positive (03/25/20) Metamorphose Wonder Carousel OP 03/25/20
Thank you very much for the dress:)
- Smile_td (Buyer)
Positive (03/24/20) Btssb The Secret Garden JSK 03/24/20
item arrived as described and in a timely fashion! thank you :)
- mtorres92 (Buyer)
Positive (02/21/20) AATP The End of immortal Eden OTK Navy 02/21/20
Great buyer! Thanks for a smooth transaction!
- Himehina (Buyer)
Positive (02/07/20) NWT Florence's Medicine Chest Martina Blouse 02/07/20
Excellent communication and sending out the dress shortly after the payment. The dress arrives in great condition. I would definitely buy from this seller again. Thank you.
- winnieliu725 (Buyer)
Positive (01/20/20) Btssb Chocolat a la Mode JSK 01/20/20
Arrived in less than a week. In excellent shape. It was a little shorter than I expected. More the length of a bolero than a blouse. But it's going under a JSK so it's fine. Still, quality blouse in great condition with very prompt shipping. I'm definitely happy with it :)
- madison_366 (Buyer)
Positive (01/14/20) Btssb Lady Victoria's Afternoon Square Neck Blouse 01/14/20
Overall smooth transaction.
- Psykogirl65 (Seller)
Positive (12/26/19) Graphic art otks 12/26/19
Wonderful seller who was even willing to work with me on shipping to make sure the necklace arrived in time for an event! It did! Was just the finishing touch! Thanks!
- rozenmaiden (Buyer)
Positive (12/18/19) Btssb necklace 12/18/19
Thank you so much :)
- Victoricaa (Buyer)
Positive (12/18/19) Ex Libris Coppelia Headdress style Headband NWT 12/18/19
Love the dress. Great seller to work with. Thank you!
- RageBerry (Buyer)
Positive (11/25/19) Listen Flavor Cutsew OP 11/25/19
Not much else to say. Exactly as pictured and shipped fast!
- Thegs (Buyer)
Positive (11/25/19) Listen Flavor Yami Kawaii Prescription High-Neck Short Sleeve Hoodie 11/25/19
Amazing seller! Would recommend for future buyer ^^
- raphael_l3e (Buyer)
Positive (11/19/19) AATP Theatre de l'erreur OP 11/19/19
Item as described and speedy dispatch. Great seller.
- ZubatFiesta (Buyer)
Positive (11/18/19) AATP Nostalgia Ribbon Headdress 11/18/19
Fast shipping and arrived just as described. Thanks!
- MallowPanda (Buyer)
Positive (11/18/19) Btssb otk 11/18/19
Innocentgrey was very easy to communicate with and provided me with the extra information I needed. The IW OTK were shipped in a timely and very secure manner. The OTKs are in great condition and exactly as described. I would definitely purchase future listings from Innocentgrey!
- snorkfroeken (Buyer)
Positive (11/07/19) IW OTK 11/07/19
She shipped promptly and everything arrived as expected. Would definitely recommend!
- Kissmint (Buyer)
Positive (11/02/19) Btssb Striped Chiffon Blouse Navy 11/02/19
Cute dress! Thank you~
- Himehina (Buyer)
Positive (10/31/19) AP Regimental Salopette 10/31/19
Great seller to work with. Thanks!
- RageBerry (Buyer)
Positive (10/29/19) Listen Flavor Chandelier Dress nwot 10/29/19
Adorable socks! Arrived quickly. Good communication from seller: would gladly buy from again! :-)
- meltysquirrel (Buyer)
Positive (10/07/19) Btssb OTK 10/07/19
Seller was easy to communicate with, and shipped out the item very quickly to my other address, as requested by me
- tomisamonster (Buyer)
Positive (10/06/19) Moi Meme Moitie Necklace 10/06/19
A great seller! This item arrived quickly, was well packaged, and was in perfect condition exactly as described. They also bundled the order with a few other dresses. Would absolutely buy from again.
- cuddly-pinecone (Buyer)
Positive (10/04/19) ETC Op 10/04/19
A great seller! This item arrived quickly, was well packaged, and was in perfect condition exactly as described. They also bundled the order with a few other dresses. Would absolutely buy from again.
- cuddly-pinecone (Buyer)
Positive (10/04/19) ETC OP 10/04/19
A great seller! This item arrived quickly, was well packaged, and was in perfect condition exactly as described. They also bundled the order with a few other dresses. Would absolutely buy from again.
- cuddly-pinecone (Buyer)
Positive (10/04/19) ETC OP 10/04/19
Arrived quickly, beautiful headdress, thanks!
- porcelainsong (Buyer)
Positive (10/03/19) AATP Headdress 10/03/19
Communication Was Great, And The Skirt Was Shipped Promptly! Great Seller, Definitely Recommended :)
- Kaneshac (Buyer)
Positive (09/16/19) Listen Flavor Long Skirt 09/16/19
Great seller! Item arrived quickly, was well packaged, and is in great condition, exactly as described. Would gladly buy from again, thank you so much!
- ThingsWeNeverDid (Buyer)
Positive (09/16/19) Moi Meme Moitie Necklace 09/16/19
Came in pristine condition! Very great seller.
- MilkySheep (Buyer)
Positive (09/15/19) Nwt AP Chocolate logo headbow 09/15/19
Great transaction, shipping was fast. Item was just as described. Thank You 🧤😊
- WaterLily (Buyer)
Positive (09/14/19) AATP Lace Gloves 09/14/19
The item was beautiful and exactly as described in the listing. I was immediately contacted and invoiced by the seller and it was shipped out the following business day. Very polite, speedy, and overall awesome seller! Thank you again!
- Kittith (Buyer)
Positive (09/13/19) Moi Meme Moitie Necklace 09/13/19
seller told me the lace is deteriorating but i told her i didn't mind that and really want it. i still received a refund and am very disappointed that i didn't get the dress. maybe seller just didn't want to sell it anymore.
- jackthechipoo (Buyer)
Negative (09/12/19) AATP Time of the Roses JSK 09/12/19
The blouse came with the detachable jabot included, in great condition. The seller sent it out quickly and combined shipping with another item. I would purchase from them again.
- glass_rose (Buyer)
Positive (09/04/19) AATP Lacy Fairytale Blouse 09/04/19
The coat is exactly as described and I'm very happy with it. The seller sent it out quickly and combined shipping with another item.
- glass_rose (Buyer)
Positive (09/04/19) Btssb Short Coat *missing back bow* 09/04/19
The jacket arrived sooner than expected and it looks great.
- terminalmoon (Buyer)
Positive (09/02/19) H.Naoto Gouk x Hakuoki collab 09/02/19
So happy to finally have this blouse. Thank you! It was exactly as described in the listing and the seller is very friendly. Can highly recommend!
- Matischa (Buyer)
Positive (09/02/19) Btssb Rin-chan’s Clock Rabbit Blouse 09/02/19
Wonderful seller!
- pachan33 (Buyer)
Positive (09/01/19) Btssb Cardigan 09/01/19
Wonderful service! The only thing that occurred to me is that the zipper is a bit fussy, and didn’t zip properly right out of the packaging, without me in it. It’s still in perfect condition despite that, but the zipper doesn’t quite work.
- dollapocalypse (Buyer)
Positive (08/11/19) NWOT Metamorphose Antique Bouquet Full Set (JSK +Cape+Headdress+Wrist Cuffs) 08/11/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (08/09/19) Listen Flavor Lucky Pack Letter Cutsew Dress in White 08/09/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (08/09/19) LISTEN FLAVOR Ace of Spades Neck Cross Cutsew in Lavender 08/09/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (08/09/19) Haruka Kurebayashi x LISTEN FLAVOR Happy Bunny-chan Hoodie in Light Pink 08/09/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (08/09/19) Listen Flavor Plasmagica Badge Lot 08/09/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and fast communication, highly recommended. Thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (08/09/19) LISTEN FLAVOR Goodnight Bunny Tulle Layered Cutsew in Black 08/09/19
Seller was helpful and communicative. They let me know that the item was damaged and did not sell it to me after all, but that's better than charging me for it!
- rubynymphy (Buyer)
Positive (08/04/19) AP Chocolate Cardigan Ivory 08/04/19
Love it!!! Thank you so much!
- icybox (Buyer)
Positive (07/24/19) BTSSB Celestial Harmonia JSK 07/24/19
Great communication and quick shipping. Would purchase from again!
- kuroangel (Buyer)
Positive (07/23/19) AP Chess Emblem Beret 07/23/19
No problems with communication and prompt payment!
- marz1ppang (Seller)
Positive (07/21/19) **RESERVED** Listen Flavor 07/21/19
a very nice seller:) thank you!
- yyhkelly (Buyer)
Positive (07/15/19) Btssb Roman Sweet Secret (First Release) 07/15/19
Nicely packed. Thank you!
- Smile_td (Buyer)
Positive (07/12/19) AATP End of Immortal Eden 07/12/19
Perfect condition, came quickly. Friendly seller!
- friday (Buyer)
Positive (07/07/19) Btssb Headbow 07/07/19
I forgot about payment on time and they really tried to contact me, right up until the last few hours. They ended up selling the item to someone else, so I can't give much feedback about that but I wanted to give them credit for trying to reach me, it was definitely more than I deserved.
- KuroUsaHime (Buyer)
Positive (07/05/19) Listen Flavor Skirt 07/05/19
Love this dress! Item as described.
- sycamore2048 (Buyer)
Positive (07/04/19) IW Rottenburg JSK (Short ver) 07/04/19
Bought from this seller the second time! Great communication and items as described.
- sycamore2048 (Buyer)
Positive (07/04/19) AATP La Prière JSK 07/04/19
I had good communication with the seller, and my item arrived pretty quickly and in good condition. Thanks!
- Genuinerubi (Buyer)
Positive (07/02/19) Listen Flavor Skirt 07/02/19
Thank you!
- sycamore2048 (Buyer)
Positive (06/17/19) Jane Marple Cardigan 06/17/19
thank you! :)
- iowngameware (Buyer)
Positive (05/30/19) NWOT AATP Mary Rose Chiffon Blouse 05/30/19
The dress is wonderful and well kept! The seller is really nice and lovely. The best deal ever!꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ `͈⌗꒱৩
- Summer9836 (Buyer)
Positive (05/14/19) AP Chocolate Rosette JSK+Headbow (First Release) 05/14/19
The dress is in very nice condition. Thanks!
- DassieKJ (Buyer)
Positive (05/08/19) AATP JSK 05/08/19
Thank you!
- catmouth (Buyer)
Positive (04/19/19) Btssb Blouse Ivory 04/19/19
The seller quickly answered my questions about the blouse, and the package was shipped at the expected time. The blouse arrived missing a button, which was not mentioned in the listing. (EDIT: The seller shipped the button with no additional cost). Other than that, the blouse looks to be in good condition.
- shioriofthewood (Buyer)
Positive (03/25/19) Btssb Candy Dot Blouse 03/25/19
In great condition, as described. Thank you so much!!!
- CJStarry (Buyer)
Positive (03/22/19) AATP Diamond Cards Princess Sleeve Blouse 03/22/19
Came quickly, great communication, looks exactly as described! Thank you so much!
- Ishie (Buyer)
Positive (03/19/19) Etc OP 03/19/19
Great seller, accessories were in perfect condition. Thanks!
- notyourmother (Buyer)
Positive (03/11/19) Btssb Logo Haircombs Set Brown 03/11/19
Great seller! Item arrived just as described and carefully packed
- yuchi (Buyer)
Positive (03/06/19) AATP Trick Hat Pricked Heart JSK 03/06/19
thank you!
- vvicey1061 (Buyer)
Positive (03/05/19) Btssb Chocolat a la Mode JSK 03/05/19
Item as described and very prompt shipping. Thank you!
- mythicbeast (Buyer)
Positive (02/26/19) IW Lace Cape Ivory 02/26/19
This is my dream dress and it come in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
- Amber Li (Buyer)
Positive (02/15/19) Btssb Margaretha JSK 02/15/19
Amazing seller! The item was just as described, packed wonderfully, and arrived amazingly fast! I mentioned to them that I was getting this for an event, and they went above and beyond to get this to me in plenty of time! Could not recommend them enough!
- kittycaesar (Buyer)
Positive (02/10/19) AP Loyalty Regimental Jacket 02/10/19
Item arrived quickly in great condition. Would gladly purchase from this seller again. Thank you!
- notyourmother (Buyer)
Positive (02/01/19) Btssb Chocolate Cardigan 02/01/19
Great seller, would buy from again
- pumpkinpie5490 (Buyer)
Positive (01/30/19) IW Fantasy Night Sky OTK 01/30/19
Fast shipping and very good communication. Thanks!!
- lunabunni (Buyer)
Positive (01/28/19) Btssb Chocolate Cards Cardigan 01/28/19
The headdress is in good condition and well packed. Quick response and fast shipping. Thank you!
- Sayoyo (Buyer)
Positive (01/19/19) Btssb Bonnet Headdress Navy NWOT 01/19/19
Item arrived quickly and in excellent condition thank you again for doing business with me!
- retrospectiverabbit (Buyer)
Positive (01/15/19) AATP Airy Chiffon Headdress nwot 01/15/19
Great communication and pleasant to work with. Would buy from again!
- jellums (Buyer)
Positive (12/16/18) Btssb Celestial Harmonia Graph Check Blouse NWOT 12/16/18
Great communication. Seller was awesome to work with and would buy from again!
- jellums (Buyer)
Positive (12/16/18) Btssb Petit Frill Chiffon Blouse 12/16/18
Great seller to work with!
- RageBerry (Buyer)
Positive (12/13/18) AP OTK Navy 12/13/18
Prompt delivery; item came as described; would do business with seller again; A+
- Lace-Lolita (Buyer)
Positive (12/08/18) IW Angel Ribbon Clip Set Burgundy 12/08/18
Thank You very much!! Items were beautiful 💝
- WaterLily (Buyer)
Positive (12/06/18) AP Drink Me OTK 12/06/18
Awesome seller!! I recommend her. Fast shipping and item just as described. It was a pleasure doing business with you. 🎄
- WaterLily (Buyer)
Positive (12/06/18) Btssb Sonnet for Juliet Lace Blouse NWOT 12/06/18
Perfect! VERY PROFESSIONAL! Communication was quick and she was willing to do Payment Plans! Would definitely buy from her again!
- HappehPills (Buyer)
Positive (12/02/18) AATP Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night JSK NWOT 12/02/18
Shipped the day I bought it, which was amazing! Thanks!
- Amy137 (Buyer)
Positive (11/30/18) AATP Royal Crown JSK 11/30/18
Great and fast shipping! Thank you!
- birdparade (Buyer)
Positive (11/28/18) Black Peace Now Bat Cape 11/28/18
Item arrived quickly, was lovely and just as described. Exellent seller, would recommend!
- Twilightstar3 (Buyer)
Positive (11/28/18) AATP Green Cardigan NWT 11/28/18
10/10 seller, socks were shipped promptly and in great condition.
- Captainofthecorpse (Buyer)
Positive (11/26/18) AP Mercator OTK 11/26/18
The headdress was beautiful and came to me in perfect condition. The shipping was super fast and the seller kept fast and kind communication! Thank you so much!
- Lace.bitten (Buyer)
Positive (11/21/18) Btssb Bonnet Headdress RED 11/21/18
Perfect condition and arrived super quick! Great seller!
- petitchocolat (Buyer)
Positive (11/20/18) Btssb Cardigan With Fur 11/20/18
Wonderful seller, the jsk honestly looks brand new!! Fast invoice and shipping!! Thank you!!
- Airyu (Buyer)
Positive (11/02/18) AATP Night Fairy Fantasia 11/02/18
fast shipping, great communication! my only qualm is that the sock had some piling that was not mentioned, but the rest was great!
- harpseal10 (Buyer)
Positive (10/29/18) IW OTK Wine 10/29/18
fast shipping, great communication! my only qualm is that the sock had some piling that was not mentioned, but the rest was great!
- harpseal10 (Buyer)
Positive (10/29/18) IW OTK Navy 10/29/18
Good communication and fast shipping ^^ Socks came neatly packaged and are perfect!
- Asteral (Buyer)
Positive (10/24/18) AATP Alice’s Tear Bottle OTK 10/24/18
Great communication from seller and items as pictured! Thank you for a smooth transaction!
- pikurusu (Buyer)
Positive (10/16/18) Btssb Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror Rose Wrist Cuffs 10/16/18
Shipping time was short and the blouse was in great condition! Looks exactly like the photos.
- sempiternalskies (Buyer)
Positive (10/12/18) NWOT AATP Mary Rose Chiffon Blouse 10/12/18
This seller had good communication and was quick to send the invoice and ship my item. The socks were beautiful. I would recommend this seller.
- raeofhope (Buyer)
Positive (09/24/18) IW The 6th Rozen Maiden Doll Hinaichigo OTKs 09/24/18
Thank you so much! The seller was very courteous and kept me updated; the necklace arrived in great condition and in a timely fashion. Would purchase from again!
- mtorres92 (Buyer)
Positive (08/22/18) Q Pot Necklace 08/22/18
Very smooth transaction, dress came just as described. I'd love to buy from again
- Elmina (Buyer)
Positive (08/20/18) Btssb Veronica Elisse JSK 08/20/18
Seller had great communication, a friendly demeanor, and shipped extremely quick. Thank you for selling me these tights!
- shinami (Buyer)
Positive (04/24/18) NWT AP Holy Lanter Tights 04/24/18
Very good communication, lovely item
- memecreep (Buyer)
Positive (04/04/18) BTSSB Airlaine Chiffon Blouse Offwhite 04/04/18
- myeonko522 (Buyer)
Positive (04/03/18) AP Misty Sky JSK Black 04/03/18
Fantastic transaction. Communication with seller was great, JSK arrived quickly and in great condition!
- 4amDREAMER (Buyer)
Positive (04/03/18) Btssb Chandelier JSK 04/03/18
Great communication and quick shipping. Skirt is in wonderful condition and was packaged nicely. Excellent seller - thank you very much!
- panda_monium (Buyer)
Positive (04/02/18) AP Loyalty Regimental Skirt 04/02/18
Great seller! Fast shipping and prompt communication. The blouse was also packaged very nicely.
- eclipseisil (Buyer)
Positive (04/02/18) Btssb Stripe Chiffon Blouse Brown 04/02/18
Other than a slight delay on shipment (which seller was up front about) transaction went super smooth!
- gianttopiary (Buyer)
Positive (03/26/18) AATP Cabriole frill shoes Navy 03/26/18
Just as described with quick shipment! Thank you for my dream dress <3
- carrotcup (Buyer)
Positive (02/05/18) Btssb Clockwork Tea Party JSK *FREE SHIPPING* 02/05/18
Arrived quickly and as described, thanks!
- heartinflight (Buyer)
Positive (01/08/18) AP Cutsew 01/08/18
Super communicative seller and item and item arrived in great shape! Thank you!
- minusfriedegg (Buyer)
Positive (12/09/17) Nwot IW Moonlit Walk Hat 12/09/17
These are in absolute perfect condition. And the seller was very quick to respond and great to work with. Will purchase from again.
- ClassicAndy (Buyer)
Positive (12/06/17) AP Noble Wrist Cuff Brown *FREE SHIPPING* 12/06/17
Perfect, thank you!!
- kokorokisekiyu (Buyer)
Positive (12/05/17) AP Loyalty Regimental Cutsew 12/05/17
Great communication and prompt shipping. The dress was nicely packaged and just as described. A+!
- eclipseisil (Buyer)
Positive (10/12/17) NWOT AATP Vampire Prelude OP 10/12/17
very smooth transaction, seller was very quick to reply and ship out! thanks
- cpu666 (Buyer)
Positive (10/04/17) AP Chelsea Knit Cardigan Navy 10/04/17
The shoes arrived so fast and are in great condition! Thank you so much, I love them!!
- bellberry (Buyer)
Positive (09/26/17) Fint Oxford Shoes Pink Size M 09/26/17
Great communication! The dress came just as described.
- Lauramb (Buyer)
Positive (08/25/17) AP Petit Patisserie JSK 08/25/17
The OTKs shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. Great seller communication throughout the process. Thank you!
- PrincessClara (Buyer)
Positive (08/07/17) AP Holy Lantern OTK 08/07/17
Communicative seller, sent the dress out quickly, no flaws and as described. Thank you again!
- catmouth (Buyer)
Positive (07/23/17) BTSSB Träumerei of Bright Stars JSK 07/23/17
amazing seller! great communication all the way through the transaction. item is exactly as described and came very quickly. couldn't be happier!
- laurenlolitadavid (Buyer)
Positive (07/12/17) AP Holy Lantern Wine OP 07/12/17
Everything went quickly and smooth. The socks are perfect! Thank you so much!
- lostuntothisworld (Buyer)
Positive (06/29/17) NWOT AP Mercator Antique Shop OTK Black 06/29/17
Perfect, thank you :)
- livolivs42 (Buyer)
Positive (06/29/17) NWT AP Holy Lantern Hair Clip 06/29/17
Seller was considerate about keeping me updated throughout the transaction, very nice, and the condition of the shoes was perfect. Definitely would buy from them again!
- rococo_rain (Buyer)
Positive (06/06/17) IW Angel Shoes Size M 06/06/17
Seller is very kind and understanding about my slow initial reply. Item arrived as described, in a secure (and recyclable!) packaging. It was a pleasure to buy from her :")
- mintymerry (Buyer)
Positive (06/01/17) *For Feedback Only* ETC Macaron JSK 06/01/17
great dress and nice seller!
- Violet (Buyer)
Positive (05/30/17) Etc JSK 05/30/17
Item was in flawless condition, arrived so quickly and was perfect. Will buy again, thank you!
- milkymiau (Buyer)
Positive (05/13/17) AATP Bibliothécaire OTK 05/13/17
everything was great
- lethil (Buyer)
Positive (04/29/17) NWT Metamorphose Magicial Moonlight Hair clip Set 04/29/17
Seller responded quickly, and shipping was super fast. Item arrived as described - in beautiful condition, with tags! Thank you so much! Would recommend this seller!
- raetehytan (Buyer)
Positive (04/18/17) NWT AP Holy Lantern Lavender 04/18/17
Excellent and sweet seller. Kept a good communication and shipped out really quickly. The item was exactly as described, I'm really happy with my purchase and would buy from again!
- MinTako (Buyer)
Positive (03/13/17) NWT Holy Lantern Hair Clip wine 03/13/17
Nice seller. Clear communication. Item exactly as described.
- Lovelacely (Buyer)
Positive (03/11/17) AATP Bibliothécaire OTK NWT 03/11/17
Great sale! No problems. Invoice and item were received quickly. Very satisfied!
- riotkitty (Buyer)
Positive (02/23/17) NWT Btssb Florence's Nurse Cap 02/23/17
great buyer. super understanding when there was an error at the post office.
- letheral (Seller)
Positive (02/21/17) La Prière a glimpse of a dream through the glass window in brown 02/21/17
nice seller!!
- Violet (Buyer)
Positive (02/19/17) AATP Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Clara JSK 02/19/17
Fast shipping and smooth transaction. Thank you.
- MissLyz (Buyer)
Positive (02/13/17) BTSSB Sleeping Beauty Blouse Ivory *FREE SHIPPING* 02/13/17
One bow was missing, but the seller told me beforehand. The item arrived very quickly and intact.
- WolfyMask (Buyer)
Positive (02/13/17) AP Assorted Ribbon Blouse 02/13/17
Kept me in contact throughout the process. Item arrived safely. Thanks!
- maliceinwonderland (Buyer)
Positive (02/04/17) AP Musee du Chocolate Necklace 02/04/17
There was a little mishap with the item but the seller was very easy to work with, professional, and courteous about it. Also had great communication along with shipment updates as well. Would buy from again. :)
- Peachblossom5 (Buyer)
Positive (01/28/17) NWOT Melty Chocolate Heart Bag 01/28/17
Item as described - great communication from seller. The hourglass (made of glass) came in a padded envelope for protection. Would purchase from again.
- Kerandria (Buyer)
Positive (01/28/17) Putumayo Alice in Wonderland Necklace *FREE SHIPPING* 01/28/17
Impeccable condition and fast shipping! I'm in love c:
- pat (Buyer)
Positive (01/27/17) BTSSB Salon de thé Minette Créme Bolero 01/27/17
Item arrived quickly and was exactly as described. Thank you!
- seekthewildwood (Buyer)
Positive (01/25/17) Nwot IW Biscuit JSK 01/25/17
Seller responded quickly to messages and dress arrived as described. Overall this was a pleasant transaction. Thanks!!
- makusaku (Buyer)
Positive (01/22/17) *HOLD for makusaku* NWOT AATP Hymn of the Departure JSK 01/22/17
Great, thanks :)
- livolivs42 (Buyer)
Positive (01/21/17) AATP Innocent Rosier Veil 01/21/17
Ty <3
- annalizd (Buyer)
Positive (01/18/17) BTSSB Hair clip Set Black 01/18/17
Thank you! <3
- VonSpooky (Buyer)
Positive (01/12/17) AP Wrapping Ribbon OP 01/12/17
Came super fast! Was packaged in a padded envelope and was than wrapped in some tissue paper for extra protection which was super nice because my postman must of dropped in on the way in to my complex because it was a little damp ; w ; Would buy from again!
- fawnmilk (Buyer)
Positive (01/10/17) AP Lavender OTK 01/10/17
Great seller with good communication. Packaged the barette so nicely and got shipped quickly. A+
- EverythingGirlyAndSweet (Buyer)
Positive (01/09/17) AP Melty Cream Donut Hair clip Brown 01/09/17
Arrived very quickly and in good condition. Would buy from again, thank you so much!
- kiragleam (Buyer)
Positive (01/08/17) AP OTK 01/08/17
The package was delayed but you can't really blame that on the seller, tbqh. The tights came in perfect condition, just as described. The seller was extremely lovely to work with and had wonderful communication. Would/Will buy from again in the future! Thank you so much! :)
- MasqueradeMassacre (Buyer)
Positive (01/05/17) NWT Holy Lantern Tights Silver *FREE SHIPPING* 01/05/17
Item was shipped promptly. However, this is a delicate item with flowers and it ended up being shipped in a flat envelope. Flowers arrived flattened. I approached the seller about the issue and she replied quickly. She was very apologetic and took care of the issue in a professional manner. She offered a partial refund but I understand that it was an honest mistake and politely declined. She kindly refunded me the full shipping price. Great communication and responsible seller. Thank you.
- KittenCakes (Buyer)
Positive (01/05/17) Btssb Rosa Mistica Headdress 01/05/17
Fast communication and fast to ship! Great seller! Would purchase from again.
- TinyWampas (Buyer)
Positive (01/04/17) Holy Lantern Hair Clip NWT 01/04/17
Very happy with purchase
- triscutpacket (Buyer)
Positive (12/27/16) AATP Funeral Procession of Rose OTK *FREE SHIPPING* 12/27/16
What a smooth transaction, even sent a yummy gift. Thanks you♡
- triscutpacket (Buyer)
Positive (12/27/16) AATP Funeral Procession of Rose OTK 12/27/16
just what i needed! super fast shipping and a wonderful seller over all, thank you for a lovely experiance!
- Ambrosine (Buyer)
Positive (12/18/16) AP Dream Fantasy Hair clip 12/18/16
Super fast shipping - seller was kind. Recommended!
- incredibug (Buyer)
Positive (12/17/16) AP Drained Cherry Clip 12/17/16
Quick sale, great communication, item arrived via USPS super fast, packaged well/wrapped in brand bag. 10/10 would buy again
- ChampagneEvan (Buyer)
Positive (12/12/16) AP Chocolate Rosette (2015) 12/12/16
The fabric is good! Received lots of compliment!
- kashikun (Buyer)
Positive (12/08/16) AATP Trick Hat Pricked Heart Babydoll JSK + OTK Set 12/08/16
I am in love with this blouse. Great condition, fast shipping and A+ seller. would recommend.
- westlilgrrr (Buyer)
Positive (12/07/16) NWOT BTSSB Dear Juliet Dress Blouse 12/07/16
Excellent seller, great comm. and service. Even included a free pair of socks due to a slight delay! Would def. purchase from again. Thank you for the gorgeous blouse! :)
- hikarichan78 (Buyer)
Positive (10/26/16) NWOT AATP Lillienne Chiffon Blouse 10/26/16
Nice person and express is quick
- cheng (Buyer)
Positive (10/15/16) Ap Bookmark JSK + Headbow Set 10/15/16
Shipped quickly and is amazing, thank you so much!
- cidsa (Buyer)
Positive (09/30/16) IW Fantasy Night Sky JSK Short Version 09/30/16
Arrived fast and is lovely, thank you!
- cidsa (Buyer)
Positive (09/30/16) BTSSB Celestial Harmonia Dot Dobby Blouse 09/30/16
Great seller! Thank you!
- Konapi (Buyer)
Positive (09/20/16) Btssb Fragrant Rose Memories Headbow Black 09/20/16
very good seller
- Janet (Buyer)
Positive (08/17/16) Btssb Sleeping Beauty JSK 08/17/16
A great, communicative and responsive seller! Shipment was fast and the item arrived beautifully and exactly as described. Highly recommended!
- Stellanor (Buyer)
Positive (08/16/16) Leur Getter Cat Tea Time JSK 08/16/16
great seller! invoiced and shipped super fast. would 1000% recommend
- unicornpizza (Buyer)
Positive (08/14/16) Metamorphose Velvet Headbow Green NWT 08/14/16
This blouse was even better in person! The pattern is beautiful and the condition is perfect. Everything went so smoothly, I would definitely buy again :)
- whitelynk (Buyer)
Positive (08/12/16) Btssb Rin-chan's Black Cat Blouse 08/12/16
Beautiful socks! Thank you.
- mooncat17 (Buyer)
Positive (08/06/16) AP Holy Lantern OTK NWT 08/06/16
Fit perfectly, got them immediately. They're wonderful!
- Tprinces (Buyer)
Positive (08/02/16) AATP Clock Strappy Shoes 08/02/16
Everything was perfect
- Sayuri-av (Buyer)
Positive (07/29/16) AP Lacy Rose otk NWOT 07/29/16
Perfect transaction! A+ communication, quick to invoice and ship. Arrived in the condition described.
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (07/21/16) ETC Rabbit JSK 07/21/16
Dress is perfect, seller had really amazing communication. 10/10 seller! Thanks! ^^
- MagicalMacaron (Buyer)
Positive (07/21/16) AATP Le Petit Chaperon Rouge JSK 07/21/16
Socks are in great condition and arrived very quickly. Thank you!
- floralsharkteeth (Buyer)
Positive (07/17/16) AATP Vampire Rose Otk 07/17/16
Perfect seller! Very quick communication, and fast shipping! The socks are beautiful
- pastelpeggy (Buyer)
Positive (07/14/16) AP Dramatic Rose OTK Lavender 07/14/16
Gorgeous blouse and the seller it was really friendly, thank you so much!
- Diana-Valmont (Buyer)
Positive (07/13/16) Btssb Angels Whisper Melody Raphel Blouse Lavender 07/13/16
Wonderful seller. Fast shipping and quick responses. Highly Recommend!
- Bonbon23 (Buyer)
Positive (07/12/16) AATP Tricky Nightmare OTK Red 07/12/16
Quick payment and fast responses. An absolute pleasure to worth, thank you!
- omgspace (Seller)
Positive (07/12/16) ETC Cutlery &amp; Doughnuts Print OP in Black 07/12/16
Item was shipped promptly and arrived in similarly good time. Everything is in great condition and I can't wait to wear it!
- lordbatsy (Buyer)
Positive (07/08/16) AP Misty Sky JSK + Ribbon Clip+Chouchou+OTK Set 07/08/16
Love it 100%
- Jozle (Buyer)
Positive (06/30/16) AATP Mad Hatter Mini Hat 06/30/16
Such a cute jsk!! JSK was sent out quickly and arrived promptly. Thank you!
- phxiong (Buyer)
Positive (05/12/16) ETC Perfume Bottle JSK Yellow 05/12/16
The cuffs are in perfect condition and seller was lovely to work with and they shipped out quickly! :3
- monstershade (Buyer)
Positive (05/11/16) AATP Wristcuffs NavyxNavy 05/11/16
Super fast delivery and the dress was just as described.I would definitely buy from her again. Thank you!!
- Lauramb (Buyer)
Positive (05/11/16) AP Petit Patisserie OP 05/11/16
Very fast communication and shipping. Will definitely buy from this seller again in the future.
- covenant (Buyer)
Positive (05/05/16) AATP Lace Noir OP 05/05/16
Fast shipping and smooth communication. Item is exactly as described. Thanks!
- zoeyfeng (Buyer)
Positive (05/04/16) BTSSB Sonnet For Juliet Ribbon Comb 05/04/16
Really amazing and friendly seller- I highly recommend! Everything from purchase to shipping was fantastic. Thanks again!
- Jaybird (Buyer)
Positive (02/21/16) IW Shell Lace Millefeuille Bolero 02/21/16
Excellent seller: good communication, item received quickly and as described. Thanks again for the auction! :)
- hikarichan78 (Buyer)
Positive (02/19/16) AATP Alice's Tear Bottle Ribbon Tassel JSK 02/19/16
Fits great, quite comfy, and I love the colours. :3
- LolitaPop (Buyer)
Positive (02/05/16) Aatp Beardsley Rose Alice JSK 02/05/16
Super pretty, in great condition, can't wait to wear it!
- LolitaPop (Buyer)
Positive (02/05/16) IW Strahov Library JSK 02/05/16
The seller was fantastic at communication and extremely kind with negotiating the method with which I could pay for this dream dress of mine. Even in unforeseen circumstances that had happened which made it difficult for me to pay the payment plan on schedule, the seller was very understanding and accommodated my needs. I'm beyond stoked that the seller gave me the opportunity to own my one dream dress! I highly recommend this seller and should they sell something else that I want, I would love to do business with them again!
- recursivefp (Buyer)
Positive (02/02/16) BTSSB Secret Garden JSK nwot 02/02/16
Perfect blouse, love it!
- HanNari (Buyer)
Positive (01/27/16) BTSSB Ribbon Party Blouse 01/27/16
Ian thrilled with this item. The seller was wonderful and even included a little gift which was so cute.
- lisaadew (Buyer)
Positive (01/26/16) AP Chocolate Rosette Salo 01/26/16
Such a beautiful blouse, thank you so much for selling to me ^-^
- RoseLynnAshley (Buyer)
Positive (01/19/16) Btssb Magical Mystery Tea Party Blouse 01/19/16
Great seller! Easy to communicate and shipped my dress really fast.
- slayeraxx (Buyer)
Positive (01/15/16) Crown embroidered Sailor School JSK 01/15/16
Easy transaction, very quick shipping! Item was in excellent condition, seller was great! Would buy from again :)
- calliopeanne (Buyer)
Positive (01/13/16) Ap Celestial OP Black 01/13/16
Lovely seller with fast shipping
- tyfordicus (Buyer)
Positive (01/07/16) Etc OP 01/07/16
Great communication and fast shipping. Everything was just as described. I was so excited to finally get this dress! Great seller!
- eclipseisil (Buyer)
Positive (01/05/16) AATP Vampire Prelude OP Red 01/05/16
Received dress in perfect condition and quick shipping! Also, communication is easy and fast. No problems buying from this seller.
- rosverie (Buyer)
Positive (01/04/16) BTSSB Maria's Catholic Nun OP 01/04/16
Thank you so much! Love this item and it came quickly!!
- kittenteef (Buyer)
Positive (12/31/15) AP Holy Frill Cutsew NWT 12/31/15
Thank you for one of my dream dresses.
- Nebula-Rumour (Buyer)
Positive (12/19/15) AATP Black Cat, Witch &amp; The Apple Tree JSK Set 12/19/15
Beautiful dress. Seller sent package right away very easy to work with dress is definitely in like new condition.
- LK (Buyer)
Positive (12/05/15) BTSSB Kitty Kitty Rhapsody Dyna 12/05/15
I was so happy to finally get one of my top tier dream dresses for a very good price! Thank you so much for giving me a chance to buy my dream dress ^-^
- RoseLynnAshley (Buyer)
Positive (12/04/15) AATP Tricky Nightmare Factory JSK 12/04/15
Great! Thanks!
- Kylin (Buyer)
Positive (11/06/15) AATP Elizabeth Bride Of The Death JSK+ Headdress Set 11/06/15
Item was just as described and in perfect condition! One of my favorite pieces! Thank you so much for selling this to me! Great communication and fast shipping, I would buy from this seller again!
- Konapi (Buyer)
Positive (10/29/15) Btssb Juliet Floria JSK nwot 10/29/15
Great buyer; paid super fast and kept wonderful communication. Recommended!
- ThingsWeNeverDid (Seller)
Positive (10/18/15) AATP Theatre de l'Erreur/ Lost Paradise barette VIOLET 10/18/15
Payment was prompt and communication friendly. Overall, it was a very smooth transaction. Thank you!
- cloudlace (Seller)
Positive (10/03/15) Angelic Pretty Lucky Key High Waist JSK (New) 10/03/15
Payment was prompt and communication friendly. Overall, it was a very smooth transaction. Thank you!
- cloudlace (Seller)
Positive (10/03/15) Alice and the Pirates Lucifer Blouse 10/03/15
- diamondbarbie (Buyer)
Positive (09/30/15) Jane Marple Royal Order OP 09/30/15
Item arrived in state as described, everything went smoothly!
- kai_yukashi (Buyer)
Positive (09/23/15) IW Fredrika Blouse 09/23/15
Great seller!
- Janet (Buyer)
Positive (09/11/15) BTSSB Angels Whisper In The Holy Night JSK 09/11/15
Seller was quick and easy to deal with and I am very happy with the blouse!
- Alyssiumbaby (Buyer)
Positive (09/01/15) BTSSB Lourder Blouse 09/01/15
Item was shipped quickly and came as described. Seller had flawless communication. Thank you very much!
- akariaa (Buyer)
Positive (08/15/15) Etc JSK 08/15/15
Great item! Love the dress. Shipped on time.
- indifferentsocks (Buyer)
Positive (08/12/15) IW Biscuit JSK 08/12/15
This was my first purchase on Lace Market, and it was absolutely wonderful! She responded quickly to my messages, sent me the invoice soon after I won the auction, and shipped promptly! The dress arrived in just a few days, and everything is perfect. She also sent me some candy with my package, which was a nice surprise :D Definitely a wonderful seller!
- Erinla (Buyer)
Positive (08/10/15) Etc Bambi Print 08/10/15
great seller! dress arrived fast, and in perfect condition!
- haleyjxyce (Buyer)
Positive (08/03/15) AP Dolly Cross Op NWT 08/03/15
Amazing seller! The cardigan is absolutely gorgeous and flawless! The communication went very smoothly and the seller was very helpful and nice to talk to. I even got some yummy candy! Would definitely recommend!
- snowicewater (Buyer)
Positive (07/07/15) IW Princess Sleeve Cardigan 07/07/15
I got it and it was in perfect condition! So happy with this purchase! Would buy from again.
- Ringlets (Buyer)
Positive (07/07/15) AATP Marionette in My Closet Room SK 07/07/15
Great communication and super fast shipping! Was wonderful to talk to and the whole sale went very smoothly! I highly recommend!
- Tea_Lolita (Buyer)
Positive (07/04/15) AP Drained Cherry Tiered JSK Full Set 07/04/15
Great communication, prompt delivery, the JSK was in like-new condition and I even received yummy snacks! Would buy again. Thanks so much! ^_^
- kieumelissa1996 (Buyer)
Positive (07/02/15) IW Violets Inside Mansions High Waist JSK 07/02/15
Great communication, item received quickly and as described. Excellent seller, would purchase from again. Thanks for the auction! :)
- hikarichan78 (Buyer)
Positive (07/01/15) BTSSB Flying Love From Juliet JSK Set 07/01/15
Great communication, item received quickly and as described. Excellent seller, would purchase from again. Thanks for the auction! :)
- hikarichan78 (Buyer)
Positive (07/01/15) AATP Lillienne Chiffon Blouse NWOT 07/01/15
Dress arrived quickly and communication was clear and responded to quickly.
- bebba_loli (Buyer)
Positive (06/29/15) AP Royal Creamy Chocolate JSK 06/29/15
Great seller! Shipped the next day and even included a gift. Thanks!
- prance (Buyer)
Positive (06/20/15) AP Mercator Antique Shop OTK NWT 06/20/15
Thank you !
- alainaantonia (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/15) AATP Lillienne Chiffon Blouse 06/12/15
Great seller, fast shipping! Thank you!
- lilydawn1 (Buyer)
Positive (06/02/15) Btssb Angels Whisper Melody Raphel Blouse Lavender 06/02/15
It is my second or third time buy from this seller, always very good!! Hope to see you again!!Thank you for the snacks :)
- mushlice (Buyer)
Positive (05/26/15) AATP Clockwork Aristo Kitty JSK 05/26/15
AAA+ seller! Item is perfect and fast shipping! Would but from again! Great communication! :)
- gotyourdreamdress (Buyer)
Positive (05/22/15) Sugar Dream Dome Wristcuff 05/22/15
Beautiful hat. Arrived in perfect condition.
- rosebirdie (Buyer)
Positive (05/09/15) AATP Krista dress hat 05/09/15
Great seller! :)
- (Buyer)
Positive (04/27/15) BTSSB Flower Garrett Scarlet long OP 04/27/15
Wonderful seller! Great communication and fast shipping!!
- LolliDoll (Buyer)
Positive (04/23/15) BTSSB Rosa Mistica JSK 04/23/15
Nice seller! Everything worked so well! Thank you very much!
- StZatoshi (Buyer)
Positive (04/15/15) AATP St. Mephisto Cathedrale 04/15/15
very nice dress!!!!love it!!!!!!very smooth communication and fast shipping!!!will trade with this seller again!!!!!
- erinozomi (Buyer)
Positive (04/13/15) Aatp Gloria ~Beautiful glassy saint Mary~Jeanne JSK nwot 04/13/15
One of the smoothest and best transaction i've had. excellent seller. received item, as described, in fast manner with gift. great product with good price!
- purpleXdaisy (Buyer)
Positive (04/10/15) AATP Lillienne Chiffon Blouse NWOT 04/10/15
Fast payment and great communication. Wonderful buyer!
- Shahzoda (Seller)
Positive (04/09/15) AP Dramatic Rose OTK 04/09/15
Smooth transaction, fast shipment. Item in great condition as described. Great seller! Highly recommended!
- Vinkys (Buyer)
Positive (04/09/15) AP Melty Cream Donut JSK 04/09/15
Excellent buyer. She paid very quickly and kept up with messages throughout the transaction. :)
- xclaretx (Seller)
Positive (04/06/15) Emily Temple Cute Macaron JSK 04/06/15
Thank you! Great seller!
- ribbon-tartan (Buyer)
Positive (04/03/15) AP Lucky Key JSK 04/03/15
Innocentgrey was very pleasant to deal with, very communicable, &amp; answered all my questions. The item was neatly packaged &amp; included a snack with my purchase! Thanks for a smooth transaction!
- pastelneonbrown (Buyer)
Positive (03/29/15) AATP Funeral Procession of Rose 03/29/15
Buyer was very prompt with payment and transaction went smoothly. Thank you. :)
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (03/17/15) Fortissimo JSK in Navy 03/17/15
Great seller! Arrived quickly! Thank you!
- shockingpinkz (Buyer)
Positive (03/16/15) BTSSB Maria Bouquet Head Bow Ivory NWOT 03/16/15
Like it a lot!! Thanks for the snack! Would buy again!
- mushlice (Buyer)
Positive (03/15/15) AATP Queen Elise JSK 03/15/15
perfect buyer, thank you so much! she paid very quickly and communication was very easy :) i would highly recommend her!
- Jessi (Seller)
Positive (03/15/15) BNWT Loyalty Regimental Cutsew in wine 03/15/15
Easy transaction, quick payment and great communication!
- angiiichan (Seller)
Positive (03/12/15) US$350 AP Misty Sky High Waist JSK 03/12/15
Wonderful buyer! Great communication and paid right away!
- Shahzoda (Seller)
Positive (03/10/15) Angelic Pretty Musee Du Chocolat Necklace 03/10/15
Very nice seller, the dress is in prefect condition. and Thanks for the snacks!
- syumeyuki (Buyer)
Positive (03/09/15) AATP Midsummer Nights Dream&amp;KC Set 03/09/15
Received the jsk very quickly and the seller was very quick to respond and very efficient. Would definitely buy from them again!
- MadelineHatter (Buyer)
Positive (03/09/15) BTSSB Bon Bon Chocolate JSK 03/09/15
- catmouth (Seller)
Positive (03/07/15) AatP Wicked Queen's Poison Cellar Tights 03/07/15
Wonderful condition and sent quickly ^^ Thanks so much!
- griffith (Buyer)
Positive (03/02/15) AP Day Dream Carnival Tights Ivory 03/02/15
Great seller, thank you! :D
- my_pink_teddy (Buyer)
Positive (03/01/15) Etc JSK 03/01/15
Item was shipped fully as described in less than a week, seller was polite and prompt with all their communication, and I even got a four dollar refund due to a minor miscalculation in shipping charges. Would definitely do business with again! Thank you.
- Counterswift (Buyer)
Positive (02/21/15) IW Strawberry Jam High Waist JSK&amp;Mini Hat Set 02/21/15
Kept in constant contact, shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition with a sweet treat inside~! Would definitely buy from again!
- NixilNoxal (Buyer)
Positive (02/18/15) AATP Stand Collar Chiffon Blouse 02/18/15
Item arrived as described, fast shipping! Great seller
- KittenCakes (Buyer)
Positive (02/17/15) Atelier Pierrot Long Bustle Corset JSK 02/17/15
My item was shipped quickly, packed excellently, and arrived as described. I'd love to do business with you again. Thank you!
- breeonarainbow (Buyer)
Positive (02/15/15) AATP Mary Rose Chiffon Blouse 02/15/15
Item came in safely and quickly, would happily buy from again
- lifelesshaunts (Buyer)
Positive (02/14/15) Angelic Pretty Celestial JSK Lavender 02/14/15
That seller is very bad, I just asked her about the issue if the clothes is broken in some areas, and she immediately canceled the invoice without asking me.
- yuexiadexuehu (Buyer)
Negative (02/12/15) AP Melty Royal Chocolate Parka 02/12/15
Super Awesome buyer!!!!! best communication, prompt payment, and informed me after receiving package!!!! Definitely recommended and will never hesitate to do a transaction with her!! 5 stars!!!
- esolic (Seller)
Positive (02/12/15) AatP Clockwork Aristokitty JSK II 02/12/15
Terrific seller! Thank you!
- elloraborealis (Buyer)
Positive (02/09/15) AATP Black cat, Witch and the Apple Tree JSK I 02/09/15
Excellent dress!
- echoma (Buyer)
Positive (01/31/15) AATP Hymn OP Black NWOT 01/31/15
The blouse is beautiful and shipping was very timely. I would buy from this seller again.
- fauxlita (Buyer)
Positive (01/26/15) AATP Stripe Chiffon Blouse 01/26/15
Dress appeared to be in mint condition and is gorgeous. Excellent seller!
- FrigidDamsel (Buyer)
Positive (01/19/15) BTSSB Clockwork Tea Party Pearl JSK 01/19/15
Great, easy sale! Thanks!
- misshamilton14 (Buyer)
Positive (01/16/15) ETC Bakery Print 01/16/15
Dress was in mint condition, and was shipped quickly for a very reasonable price. Great seller!
- FrigidDamsel (Buyer)
Positive (01/10/15) AATP Trick Hat, Pricked Heart Corset JSK 01/10/15
I love these socks! Thank you
- lisaadew (Buyer)
Positive (01/06/15) AATP Diamonds Lame OTKs In Red &amp; Blue 01/06/15
An absolute pleasure to do business with again! The dress is absolutely perfect. It was shipped out very fast! Great communication. Very timely responses. Thank you!!
- Tiffatron9000 (Buyer)
Positive (01/04/15) AATP Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band JSK 01/04/15
Perfect seller! Great communication, fast shipping, extremely kind. Thank you!
- sailorenceladus (Buyer)
Positive (01/01/15) AATP Chain Bouquet JSK 01/01/15
awesome seller! she was very quick with communication and shipping. i would gladly buy from her again.
- littlelychee (Buyer)
Positive (12/31/14) Metamorphose Moonlight Night JSK+Headdress set 12/31/14
Dress was exactly as described. Professional seller. I would buy from again.
- BadiaCupcake (Buyer)
Positive (11/09/14) AP Moon night Theater Pleated JSK+KC Set Black 11/09/14
Great buyer. Thank you!
- spikenmolly (Seller)
Positive (10/29/14) ETC Star Pearl Necklace 10/29/14
lovely seller, great communication. thanks again :)
- permascowl (Buyer)
Positive (10/27/14) AATP Grimoire of the Moonlight Forest 10/27/14
Great designer dress (AatP) very reasonably priced! Lovely detailing and unique design! Seller is very helpful and communicates well and quickly. No problems at all, smooth transaction! Highly recommend this 5 star seller!
- jillleclear626 (Buyer)
Positive (10/10/14) AATP Horoscope Babydoll JSK 10/10/14
Seller was great to work with. They replied to messages fairly quickly, it was shipped very quickly, and the dress looks great!
- KirsaK (Buyer)
Positive (10/02/14) AATP Merry Making in the Ghost Town JSK I 10/02/14
Seller was very easy to communicate with and responded very quickly! My item was sent out and shipped very fast as well, thanks again!
- leeleekins (Buyer)
Positive (09/17/14) AATP Funeral procession of Rose NWOT 09/17/14
Item arrived safely, thanks!
- Mireimi (Buyer)
Positive (09/15/14) Btssb Eternal Magic of 12 O'Clock Blouse 09/15/14
perfect ^^ came in pristine condition, well-packaged and quickly shipped. thank you~
- lisichka (Buyer)
Positive (09/13/14) AP Lavender Cutsew 09/13/14
Very prompt and friendly seller~ Everything arrived as described~
- Devdasi (Buyer)
Positive (09/10/14) AATP Vampire Prelude OP 09/10/14
Seller shipped the dress very quickly, it is in great condition with no flaws I could find. Would buy from again.
- mtildamarblcake (Buyer)
Positive (09/08/14) Btssb Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale 09/08/14
Awesome seller, dress is perfect! Thank you!
- spikenmolly (Buyer)
Positive (08/20/14) AATP Beardsley Rose Alice JSK 08/20/14
Item as described. I love this dress very much and really enjoyed purchase.
- mushlice (Buyer)
Positive (08/20/14) Btssb Alice’s Doll House Baby Doll JSK Set 08/20/14
Great seller! Shipped out the item very quickly. Answered all messages and in a timely manner which made for a very pleasant transaction. The blouse was absolutely perfect. Would definitely buy from again!
- Tiffatron9000 (Buyer)
Positive (07/06/14) Btssb Ribbon Millefeuilles Blouse 07/06/14
Great seller would buy from again thank you!!
- erocawaii (Buyer)
Positive (07/03/14) Btssb stripe chiffon blouse 07/03/14
Fast shipping! Great seller!
- thesweetretreat (Buyer)
Positive (06/24/14) Btssb Red Cardigan 06/24/14
Quick reply to messages and posted out promptly. Excellent transaction!
- Alyssiumbaby (Buyer)
Positive (06/20/14) AATP Stripe Crepe Blouse Black 06/20/14
Very happy with my blouse, it's lovely. Seller was excellent to deal with.
- Alyssiumbaby (Buyer)
Positive (06/20/14) AATP Stripe Crepe Blouse Ivory 06/20/14
Package was sent out promptly, packed safely, Item was exactly as described, and seller was a pleasure to deal with. Very happy!!
- Rubyakiou (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/14) AATP eyepatch 06/12/14
Product just as described, thanks!
- chocolate_maiden (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/14) Ap royal chocolate otk pink 06/12/14
Great seller! Shipping was fast! Love my dress, thank you!
- my_pink_teddy (Buyer)
Positive (06/08/14) Btssb Quintet of fairies JSK 06/08/14
Super easy to work with. I won my auction, she sent me an invoice and message within the day and shipped it out the next. The dress itself is in perfect condition, just like stated. Besides which, I couldn't be happier getting my dream dress for half the going price!
- kateofkatehall (Buyer)
Positive (06/08/14) Masquerade Theater OP Navy 06/08/14
So far had the seller cancel my invoice within 24 hours with no reason given...and then found the same dress relisted for the same price and bought by a different person...
- reitsu (Buyer)
Negative (06/04/14) Btssb Quintet of fairies JSK 06/04/14
Had a very smooth transaction, she helped me with the value declaration and always answered my questions quickly and nicely, wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again!!! :)
- kotodama (Buyer)
Positive (05/28/14) AATP Teufel von Hameln JSK 05/28/14
Thanks, perfect item.
- RebeccaPorphyria (Buyer)
Positive (05/20/14) AATP Stripe Crepe Blouse Offwhite 05/20/14
Paid very quickly. Polite and quick at communication!
- floon (Seller)
Positive (05/15/14) AatP Elizabeth Bride of the Death JSK II &amp; Headdress in Ivory 05/15/14
Great communication and super-quick shipping! Thank you so much; I hope to buy from you again!
- lokidokie (Buyer)
Positive (05/02/14) Innocent World Mint JSK 05/02/14
BEST SELLER EVER, honestly. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The seller was very good with communication and answered any questions I had in a really timely manner. Then, on top of great communication, the dress got here REALLY fast and looks absolutely perfect. Thanks again! I'm absolutely thrilled.
- kathdean (Buyer)
Positive (04/30/14) AATP Black cat witch and the apple tree JSK 04/30/14
I won the auction but the seller re-listed and sold to another buyer and ignored all my messages. Very disappointed. Would not buy from again.
- carleyrose (Buyer)
Negative (04/29/14) Innocent world mint JSK 04/29/14
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Seller contacted me immediately and communication was great. She even offered to clean it again before she shipped just to get wrinkles out. Thanks!
- spikenmolly (Buyer)
Positive (04/20/14) AATP Twilight Circus Black 04/20/14
Shoes looked exactly as she pictured. She responded immediately and answered about shipping dates. She shipped the shoes out the next day and I received them two days later (USA to USA). The shipping ($12.35) was included in the initial price. She included tracking, but for the US it's negligible because it's so cheap. It probably could have been a bit cheaper without the flat rate box, not that it would matter to me as it was included in the initial price. Either way, I would buy from again, everything went smoothly.
- aeliami (Buyer)
Positive (04/19/14) Secret shop shoes 04/19/14
Very good communication. Received the dress in very good condition.
- DIN (Buyer)
Positive (04/03/14) Btssb Love Ring Gift Box JSK 04/03/14
Super cute cardigan! Really fast shipping with tracking number included, excellent communication as well! Would buy from again!
- Ginngi (Buyer)
Positive (03/16/14) BTSSB Polka Dot Short Sleeve Cardigan 03/16/14
Thank you
- Sue (Seller)
Positive (03/09/14) Alice and Pirates 2014 NEW YEAR’s HAPPY PACK 03/09/14
I just received the dress and it's perfect! The shipping was very fast and the item was exactly as described. I would definitely buy from her again.
- Poppit (Buyer)
Positive (03/07/14) AATP Teufel von Hameln in Blue 03/07/14
Excellent communication and shipping time, the blouse is in perfect condition! Would definitely do business with again! Thanks!
- whisski (Buyer)
Positive (02/28/14) AATP Stripe Prince Blouse 02/28/14
The purse came quickly and in perfect condition. Thanks so much!!
- mumblerampage (Buyer)
Positive (02/27/14) AP Red bag 02/27/14
Thank you so much! It arrived super fast! Awesome seller
- littlemoogle (Buyer)
Positive (02/25/14) AP Dream Sky Necklace 02/25/14
Great communication, shipped quickly, and the coat is perfect. Thank you so much!
- posies (Buyer)
Positive (02/04/14) Angelic pretty short dolly coat 02/04/14
The shipping was extremely fast and the dress was beautiful and in great condition! Would love to do business again!
- Inochii (Buyer)
Positive (01/29/14) Btssb Cinderella Jewelry JSK 01/29/14