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Excellent buyer. Payment was done successfully with payment plan; all payments were sent in on time. Always polite, I would love to sell to them again in the future.
- blackroseprincess (Seller)
Positive (08/17/16) BTSSB Angel's Whisper Skirt and Bonnet set 08/17/16
Lovely buyer! Very smooth transaction.
- Koumori (Seller)
Positive (03/05/16) St. Mephisto jsk 03/05/16
Could have been a bit faster with her messages, but overall a positive experience.
- pastel (Seller)
Positive (02/08/16) Angelic Pretty Melty Moon Pochette Bag Black 02/08/16
She's a dangerous buyer. We promised before dealings. But she broke her appointment. I sent a message to her many times, but she didn't pay. This person is very dangerous. I'll never trade with this user.
- Pinoream (Seller)
Negative (01/10/16) AP/[NWT]Tricky Nightmare Factory JSK FULL SET in Black 01/10/16
Good buyer. Made all payments on payment plan. I know there are some things that I as a seller could do better. This buyer was very pleasant:)
- Yordana (Seller)
Positive (12/28/15) Vampire Nocturne JSK II 12/28/15
Item arrived on time and was as described
- Ari125 (Buyer)
Positive (12/22/15) Angel of music skirt (large) 12/22/15
Seller was very communicative and transparent. Thanks so much! Will definitely buy from again.
- allingoodtaste (Buyer)
Positive (12/11/15) alice and her cat 12/11/15
Very reliable seller with good communication. She provided frequent updates regarding shipping and tracking info.
- littlemisscupcake (Buyer)
Positive (10/21/15) princess op(urgent sale taking offers) 10/21/15
nice buyer!thank for your shopping~
- shuliy (Seller)
Positive (10/14/15) Ista Mori Nameless Poem op in black size S 10/14/15
She is very enthusiast person and I understand this cause I am like this too, but she did need a LOOOT of time to make the payment, so I can't give full stars. She did made the payment and she was very friendly and polite.
- Shiri (Seller)
Positive (10/05/15) Angelic Pretty - Milky Cross bag in black 10/05/15
good communication. kept me up to date on pay off status of the payment plan
- Hervia (Seller)
Positive (09/29/15) NWT Milky Cross Skirt Black 09/29/15
Fast payment and great contact! Thank you :) Recommend!
- efeuranke (Seller)
Positive (09/07/15) AP Royal Queen OTKs in black 09/07/15
Buyer purchased item with a payment plan and made all payments on time as well as let me know when she paid. Buyer is kind and I would sell to her again. Thank you for your purchase and I'm glad you love it.
- kiznakasady (Seller)
Positive (09/05/15) AATP Angel Wing Bag 09/05/15
NEGATIVE: The payment plan was never completed, even after I kindly extended it an extra 31 days. Overall a total of 2 months instead of the original agree'd upon 3 weeks. Her communication was poor, I had to initiate most of the conversations, including the one where I extended her payment plan in good faith. I told her payments MUST be completed by the end of August. This is an unfortunate situation but I tried my best to be an accommodating seller. Proceed with caution, she told me many times she would follow through with the payments.
- PosiTori (Seller)
Negative (09/01/15) Castle Mirage OP Navy NWT 09/01/15
Buyer paid via a payment plan. She gave me the requested payment dates, let me know when one date needed to be extended by 2 days, and was very communicative. Would definitely sell to her again via payment plan. thank you so much for the easy transaction, and I hope you love the skirt :)
- ahnubisrahnei (Seller)
Positive (08/12/15) Haenuli Angel Of Music Skirt + Headdress (Black) 08/12/15
Buyer did not fully commit to the agreed payment plan. Although my terms and conditions clearly state that if a payment plan is agreed and a payment cannot be made on time, the buyer should get in touch in a timely manner in order to discuss the situation. In this case the buyer got in touch with me later in the day when the last installment was due (it was a three weeks payment plan!) to tell me that they had to pay other bills and could not pay until 3 to 4 days later. Knowing that anything can happen at the last minute and that some bills need to take priority, I agreed to give 3 more days in good faith. The buyer read my reply but did not acknowledge it. No payment was made, nor further attempt to contact me. It is rather sad as I have never had to take such decision. However, my Terms and Conditions were clearly stated from the start. I hope that we can all learn from this.
- awaywivzefairies (Seller)
Negative (08/06/15) Angelic Pretty - Sweetie Chandelier Skirt in Black 08/06/15
Everything went smoothly, would buy from again!
- pixeleight (Buyer)
Positive (07/27/15) bodyline blouse 07/27/15
Seller was extremely friendly, patient, and prompt in her sending! The item was exactly as described and in great condition! I had a little trouble getting the package, but this is in NO way a reflection of the seller. She was absolutely wonderful in her communication and handling of the transaction, and is such a lovely person! Would definitely do business with again if the time arises! :3
- Cyanide Filled Candy (Buyer)
Positive (07/22/15) angelic pretty toy parade jsk(Reserved for Cyanide Filled Candy) 07/22/15